The Flexibility Factor

Superior hospitality creates jobs. And we offer flexibility for employees. Or additional income, or training, or a bridge to permanent employment. For businesses, SHS provides work force flexibility and access to talent. And for the economy, SHS increases market flexibility.

Workforce Flexibility

Businesses need it. When businesses need access to talent and strategic work force flexibility, SHS delivers. SHS provides the talent that U.S. businesses need to keep fully staffed during busy times.

Superior Hospitality Staffing, Inc. will assess each clients needs accordingly.  We will match the talents and skills of our workforce to the needs of our clients.  Superior Hospitality Staffing, Inc. screens all of its employees.  We will not place any employee with a client until our Human Resources Department has properly screened the employee.  Superior Hospitality Staffing, Inc. will adhere to all rules and regulations of our customers and we will keep an open communication with our customers and employees to ensure proper compliance with all rules and regulations.

Access to Talent

A diversified workforce. SHS finds, screens, qualifies, and places employees in jobs of every description–from the factory floor to the executive suite… from health care to IT… and everything in between. Whether the need is extremely specialized or extremely large, SHS provides quick access to top talent.

American Staffing Association

Integrity and Values. Every member of the American Staffing Association is guided by a rigorous code of ethics. Members receive detailed, practical guidelines as well as ongoing education and training in employment law. More than half of SHS management has been certified by ASA. Membership in ASA is a hallmark of excellence and high standards in the staffing industry.